Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Wrap Up

I can't believe the holidays passed by so quickly! Here 's what we did...

For Advent, a friend of mine from church lent us a book called Jotham's Journey, which is a book designed to read one chapter a day until Christmas. Austin especially enjoyed it. We finished it up Christmas eve.

For the first time ever, we let the kids open their gifts from us on Christmas eve after our church service. The kids all loved their presents (so good!), especialy Jonah, who got some more cars from the movie Cars for his collection.

On Christmas day, we drove to Winnipeg in the morning for gift opening and brunch at my mom's. Both of my brothers and their families were there this year, which was great!

Living in Nanaimo, my SIL Cheryl doesn't get to enjoy snow like we do, so we went outside and sledded with the kids.

And indoors, we enjoyed a puzzle, a game of cards and each other's company.

On Boxing Day, we went to my MIL's for Christmas with Cam's family. The highlights there were listening to the kids perform...

and the snowball fight outside later.

My twin brother Chris, his wife Cheryl and my mom drove out to Morden to visit us on Thursday. It was nice to spend more time with them. (Was sorry that it ended on such a sour note, though!)

We had friends over Thursday and Friday evenings. I just love having people over during the holidays!

Yesterday, Cameron and I took the kids to the outdoor rink to go skating.

We sure had fun over the holidays. How about you?

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Heather M. said...

Sounds like you had a good week! Love all the photos you took! I hope things are well, Leigh!