Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A week in the life: Tuesday

Today is our 14th anniversary today. This is the card I made for Cameron.

Our day started off with breakfast, getting ready for school and homework for Austin. He did manage to get it done before we left the house and I was happy with how hard he worked. Just hoping he'll learn not to leave things to the last minute again...

Jonah played piano in the festival today. His song was Dinosaur Stomp and he performed very well.

After his performance, the adjudicator, Tenley Dyck, called the students up on stage to demonstrate some things to them and to give them their evaluations.

Sage was disappointed that she didn't get to play much tennis yesterday, so I promised her a "tennis date" this morning. However, shortly after we arrived at the courts at the high school, a gym class came out carrying tennis racquets. So, we moved our game to the middle school basketball court while we waiting to pick Austin up for lunch.

After picking up Austin for lunch, we went to get Jonah. I tried to take a photo with my timer in the van, à la Ali Edwards and this is what I got. Hmmm.

I spent the afternoon at the Festival of the Arts where I volunteered as secretary/chairperson. After that, I picked up the kids from school and we came home. I helped Austin with homework and sat with Jonah while he practised the piano.
To celebrate our anniversary, Cameron picked up Warky's for supper, which was a nice treat.

A little piano practicing for tomorrow's festival performance. They're playing Yankee Doodle as a duet. I can't tell you how makes I feel inside when they play together and do it well. So. Very. Happy.

Jonah and I went to the rec centre to pick up his uniform for baseball. Looks like he's going to be a cardinal. #10.

The boys love jumping on our neighbour's trampoline with him. I think they're were inventing/playing a game called ninja training.

When we got home, I listened to my messages on my answering machine, to discover that the library had called to tell me that my reserved copy of Creating Keepsakes was in. So I called hustled the boys into the van and we went to pick it up (along with a few other books and magazines.)

And finishing the evening with uploading photos to my computer, updating my blog and a little scrapbooking.

Thanks for looking!

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