Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

We had a combined Good Friday church service this morning which was really good.

The worship was great, if a bit loud (we mistakenly sat near the front, by the large speakers. On the upside, our kids making noise didn't bother anyone. ;) )

The message, though, connected with me. So much so that I longed to sit there and think about it, even after the service was done. (Unfortunately, my hubby and three kids didn't let that happen...)

The pastor spoke about forgiveness and how forgiving others is a choice that sets us free. It made me want to think about anyone that I haven't forgiven and ask "Why not? Why would I want to hold on to pain, resentment, anger, hurt and bitterness?" And it made me want to release those things, offer forgiveness and be set free.

And it especially made me thankful for a Saviour who died for me (& beat death & rose again!), who forgives me for every sinful and wicked thing I do, who gently asks me to forgive others who've hurt me and who gives me the strength that I need to do so.