Friday, April 27, 2007

You know how...

there are things that you assume that you'll be the first to do with your kids? Maybe you don't talk about them ahead of time, but there's just that thought in the back of your mind that they'll do with you first?

Well, that's what I thought about painting Sage's nails.

She's two and a half and I didn't think of painting her nails yet.

But then, tonight, we went to our church's Spring Carnival. And there were booths for face painting, hair styling and having your nails painted.

So guess who got to paint Sage's nails for the first time?

Id' been doing the hockey shoot with Jonah and when we walked into the room, there was Cameron, painting Sage's nails!

She picked purple, of course. (Love those pudgy fingers!)

She didn't want Cameron to blow on them, and she also didn't want me to wash her hands when we got home (she didn't want the polish washed off!)

So, even though I was disappointed in missing out on this "first" for Sage, it was all good when we got home and I sat down with her in the kitchen and she climbed into my lap and said: "We're together again!" And then she sweetly rested her head on my shoulder.

I love this little girl!


Walter & Mel said...

Hi Leigh. Somehow I found your blog. I'm not sure how, just surfing other people's blogs and came upon yours. You've met my husband. He was in ROX one Sunday asking 20 questions about the soundboard, I think. He is still interested in helping out when needed if you want to keep him in mind, whether it be sound or helping in skits, etc.

Oh, the reason I am commenting... I was painting my daughter Jolee's nails with that same purple nail polish and noticed Sage waiting for it at the Spring Carnival. There's no turning back now. I had to buy Jolee some pink and purple nail polish after her first experience about a year ago.

And just to tell you, I admire your scrapbooking skills. Keep up the creativity and inspire me some more!

Heather said...

Awe cute. I haven't thought about it with Kendra either. Cute that daddy is doing it. I don't think Jamie would do that.