Saturday, June 16, 2007

20 firsts

For Ali's Aezine challenge this week, she challenged us to to created something with 20. I decided to make a layout for my album about 20 of my firsts. Here's the layout:

And here are my 20 firsts:

1. First boyfriend: Marc Vandal. We worked together at McDonald’s and went out for two weeks in the summer of 1988.

2. First kiss: On my parents’ driveway in July 1988 (see #1.)

3. First crush: I liked a boy named Scott Farlinger from grade two to grade seven.

4. First real job: Working at McDonald’s in Winnipeg on St. Anne’s Road in March 1988. I was 15½ and my starting wage was $4.55 an hour.

5. First child: Austin who was born on May 9, 1999.

6. First trip in an airplane: summer of 1977, when I was almost five. We flew to England to visit my dad's family.

7. First trip without my parents: mission trip to Sturgeon Lake Alberta with my youth group in July1990.

8. First trip by myself: mission trip to Montreal in July 1992.

9. First pet: a Siamese kitten when I was four.

10. First dog: Our only dog growing up: Muffie, a Pekinese-poodle that we got when I was seven.

11. First car: a 1985 Hyundai Pony, I learned to drive it as my parents’ car and they sold it to me when I was in university.

12. First teaching job: in the fall of 1994, I taught half-time grade 6 at Maple Leaf Elementary in Morden.

13. First home: 11 Westmount Bay in Windsor Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba. We lived there until I was five.

14. First school: Ecole Guyot, a French-immersion elementary school that I attended from Kindergarten to grade 5.

15. First time living on my own: an apartment on 4th Street in Morden that I rented my first year of teaching.

16. First play: In grade four, our school put on a production of the Jungle Book in French and I played one of the girls at the end.

17. First video game: an Atari when I was eight or nine. We loved it!

18. First surgery: Having my wisdom teeth removed the summer I turned eighteen. (I looked like a chipmunk for a month!)

19. First steps: When I was fourteen months old.

20. First sleepover: At Nandita’s Biswas’ birthday party in grade 4. (where I watched my first horror movie (the Fog), which I hated.


Eva said...

Learned lots about you! :)

Heather M. said...

Love the layout and the list!

Heather said...

That is quite the list. I want to do one too but I think I have forgotten lots of it. The layout looks great and what an awesome way to use up number stickers.