Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keeping cool

We had our June Wind-up this morning (where the children's ministries lead the worship service.) It went well. I was in charge of hosting the R.O.X. part of the morning and both Jonah & Austin sang on stage with their groups, which is always fun to watch.
After the service, we headed to the park for a picnic. There were games planned for the kids (followed by freezies, which Jonah is enjoying in the picture) and we played softball, too. But, man, was it hot! ;)

So to keep cool when we got home, we headed down to the basement (our airconditioning isn't working :( ) and I got to scrapbook a little. Here are the two layouts I created:


Eva said...

Love the layouts! Also, great pictures on your last post. We may just have to hit the beach one of these day too!

Heather said...

So much fun to watch kids do a service.

Hopefully your air coniditioning is working soon. I'd die without it here.

Great pages you did too.