Thursday, December 13, 2007

Explanation for how to make the stars

I had a request for instructions on how to make the Christmas star ornaments that I posted earlier this week. I should tell you that I got the instructions originally from Marcy at My Scrap Shoppe, but I couldn’t find her post to link to here.

That said…

You will need:

A 6x6 inch piece of patterned paper
A ruler, bone-folder, stapler, scissors, hot glue gun and hole punch
Some string or embroidery thread


1. Place the piece of pp on a table (I use my measured-off self-healing mat.) At one inch intervals, use the bone folder to score lines on the patterned paper. (You’ll make five lines.)

2. Accordion-fold the patterned paper along the scored lines.

3. Then fold it in half and staple it in place.

4. At each end of the folded patterned paper, cut at a sharp angle, with the tip being on the outside fold.

5. Open up the star.

6. Hot glue the sides in place.

7. Punch a hole in the top and tie a string and voilĂ !

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