Monday, December 17, 2007

J.A.M. Christmas program

Yesterday morning, in church, our preschool kids, J.A.M. (which stands for Jesus And Me) put on their Christmas program at the front of the church. Both Sage and Jonah participated. They were so cute! Sage loved singing on stage and Jonah did a super job of playing Joseph (except for the few large yawns he had-- mental note: put them to bed earlier next year the night before the concert!) and he delivered his solo line perfectly!


Melanie said...

Sorry... I just get a kick out of Calli's expression beside Sage in that one picture. Your kids did an amazing job by the way. I loved Sage's dress! Is purple her favorite color?

Eva said...

It's so cute when they're that age. Love how you put the pictures together too.

Marcy said...

Love that flourish!