Friday, March 07, 2008

Can Skate Wrap-up

For the past few years, the volunteers in CanSkate have planned a carnival with which they finish off their season. Usually there's a theme and the kids practice a routine, which they present to music, while wearing costumes. It's always super cute!

Two years ago, it was Grease and Austin skated to Hey Mickey.

Last year, it was a Reality TV theme, and both Jonah and Austin skated to the theme song from Survivor, while completing a "course".

This year, unfortunately, they didn't have a carnival. (They'd booked the ice last year for the 23rd, unaware that the 23rd would be Easter Sunday.) So, instead, they had a wrap-up evening, where the kids skated in their groups and showed off their skills. It was well done.

I'm amazed at the sense of pride & joy that I feel when I watch my kids do something well. It's such a great feeling!

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