Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Project 366, week 11

When I mentioned posting my photos of the day last week to a friend, she asked me: "Are you getting tired of it yet?"

My answer: no, not really.

Sure there is the odd day where I'll think, with a sigh, I have to remember to take a picture today.

But most days, it's like the project has given me permission to take photos every day. Something I really enjoy doing.

An added bonus is that I've been really happy with some of the shots I've gotten (well, quite a lot of them actually) and I'm thinking without the challenge, I would have been too lazy to get off my butt, locate my camera and take the picture.

So, I think it's been good.

My family, on the other hand... ;)

Actually, I didn't think they minded me take their photos so often, but I guess last week when Anita came over, she grabbed my camera to take a picture of Sage and Jorja together, but my memory card wasn't in it, so she couldn't. She must have said something like "Oh, I can't take your picture."

To which Sage replied, "That's okay, because my mom takes my picture all...day...long." :)

Okay, on to my photos of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, March 11: Sage was enjoying looking at the scrapbook that I made two years ago when she was 1 1/2. (And as I looked at it with her, I thought: "I don't regret creating a single one of these pages." -- such a good feeling!)

Wednesday, March 12: My dining room table, while I was working on the invitations for the Booth College graduation barbecue-- I love sitting in the sun that shines through my new dining room window.

Thursday, March 13: Jonah and a classmate enjoying Jonah's first ever kindergarten play date at our house. It's so cool when they transition from being friends with my friends' kids to choosing friends of their own. These two were a bundle of energy together.

Friday, March 14: The Easter eggs that Sage and I decorated together. If you missed my instructions for these, you can click here.

Saturday, March 15: I displayed my eggs in a basket on my dining room table. There have only been a few casualties so far. ;)

Sunday, March 16: Cameron, caught napping on our couch.

Monday, March 17: I thought this photo was cool with the photographs on the wall behind Sage.

So, I'm thinking that I need to start getting out more, because all of these photos were taken in my living room! LOL! (Oh well, that's pretty much my life right now as we wait for spring to come. ;) )

To prove that I actually did leave my house this week, I'm ending off with a photo from our church's Palm Sunday service on Sunday morning. Cameron actually took this one, because I was downstairs leading worship for R.O.X., so unfortunately, I missed it. :(


Leah said...

I love your pictures!

Tam said...

I really wish I had kept up with my photo a day. there's always next year right? Yours look great! TFS!