Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Project 366, week 40

This past week, I decided to join Ali Edwards in her a week in the life class she's offering on her blog. Last week was the gathering portion of the class: basically taking pictures of the everyday details of my life.

I enjoyed it.

I've found a little with my Project 366, that some days I'll take the token picture just to be able to say: "There, I've taken a picture. Now I don't have to think about it anymore for the rest of the day." Which, I think, in entering the 10th month of taking a photo a day, that that's probably normal.

But this class gave me a renewed sense of excitement and enthuasiasm for taking pictures. And it was really fun to document a week in my life.

So, with that said, there were lots of photos this past week to choose from for my photos of the day. Here they are:

Tuesday, September 30: Sage walking out our front door.

Wednesday, October 1st: Getting a present in the mail. (Thanks, Uncle Trevor & Noah!)

Thursday, October 2nd: The boys on their way to school.

Friday, October 3rd: Volunteering in Austin's class.

Saturday, October 4th: Making a stop at the library on the way to the farm.

Sunday, October 5th: Jonah and Sage dancing while I made photocopies at church on Sunday morning.

Monday, October 6th: Austin working on his presentation about himself.

Thanks for looking!


Anabelle said...

Great shots. I really hope to do this next year. These are photos your kids will really cherish!

Audrey Pettit said...

What great photos, Leigh! I love your shots of the everyday. Those will be such treasured memories forever.