Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Project 366, week 41

Here are my photos of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, October 7: I almost forgot to take a photo, but remembered as the kids were going to bed. This is what Austin likes to do-- read in bed. (He takes after his mom. ;) )

Tuesday, October 8: Jonah likes to wear shirts with hoods and wear the hood up. (In this, he does not take after his mom! ;) )

Thursday, October 9: Sage had enough money to buy another Webkinz. She named it Leigh. :) In this picture, she actually fell asleep in the van on the way home from Winkler. So cute.

Friday, October 10: My friend, Darlene and I took the kids skating in the evening and went back to our place for hot chocolate and popcorn.

Saturday, October 11: I snapped this photo of the boys when we were at my mom's for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 12: It rained all day so we brought games to the farm for our Thanksgiving celebration. Here Sage has teamed up with her uncle Dale.

Monday, October 13: I was inspired by some online friends to do some more fall decorating. I picked up these gourds at Michael's for 70% off on Saturday and thought they'd work in my hurricane lanterns.

Thanks for looking!


Audrey Pettit said...

Oh yeah!! Look at the fall gourds in the hurricane jars!! Woot! They look awesome, Leigh!
And I adore all your photos. you are really getting some wonderful everyday moments.

Bianca said...

sweet photos!

rae said...

Gorgeous photos Leigh.. LOVE your gourds in the hurricane jars too!

Lauren said...

thanks for sharing all those photos!!! I felt like I followed you throughout your week!

Anabelle said...

Great shots! My son always wears his hoods, too. And I love the gourds in the jars. ;)

Heather M. said...

Sage's haircut is SO cute! Love your photos!

Liz said...

love the photos and the gourds in the hurricane lanterns!