Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween costumes 2010, part 2

I already shared Sage's costume in the Part 1 post. Today, I thought I'd share Austin & Jonah's costumes.

Once again, I was inspired by this link from Fiskars to make their Halloween costumes.

I loved that their ideas stemmed from using already made clothing and adding to it. So much easier (& cheaper!) than starting from scratch!

For the boys, I lucked out at the Thrift Store and found a black hoodie for Austin and a grey one for Jonah. A trip to Michael's took care of the felt (both regular and the stiff kind) and after a little bit of cutting, pinning and sewing, I ended up with these:

Jonah is a grey shark and Austin is a killer whale. Very easy and comfy to wear, too.

Thanks for looking!


Jessica said...

very very cute!!! I love these ideas...I got Lucas' brown hoodie from the thrift shop too, and I already had a ton of felt, so i only spent about $3.00 total on his outfit!!! You can't beat that, plus they look unique:):) Have a great Halloween weekend!

Andrea Amu said...

They'll probablly want to wear those pimped out hoodies all the time! They are really cool, Leigh!

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

LOVE. They look like they love their costumes too!!!! Awesome!

xoxo... t said...


Murphy's Law said...

very very fun and can be used for everyday. bwahahaha!