Sunday, November 07, 2010

An attitude of gratitude

Here are the things for which I've been thankful for the past few days...

November 5th: These two "buddies"

Whether it's recounting a story about how they joined arms and ran together across the school yard after school or having a sleepover on Sage's floor on Friday night, these two just get along so well. It's so nice!

November 6th: Kids Zone

The Winkler Bible Camp runs a Saturday morning program for grades 1 to 6 at WES on Saturday mornings and my kids love attending it! They learn Bible stories, verses and values that reinforce what we're trying to teach/live out at home.

November 7th: New albums

Marcy sent me an email this week that the albums I've been waiting for since February were finally in! Yay!

(Photo by Austin)

I bought six of them and set to work this afternoon sorting my completed albums that hadn't been put away yet, along with reorganizing my old albums so that they weren't so full and would sit better on my shelves. A big job, but such a feeling of accomplishment in completing it. (Except, I was short on albums and page protectors, so I'll have to pick up some more before I can say the job is really completed. ;) )

For what are you thankful this weekend?

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Kim said...

Good luck with the layout sorting / album stuffing....that's another reminder on my "to do" list...hahaha!!