Thursday, November 04, 2010

Random stuff....

A few things to share today....

Starting with my "attitude of gratitude" stuff...

November 3rd: the gorgeous weather we've been having.

Here in southern Manitoba, we often get snow shortly after Halloween, if not beforehand! But this month, so far had been nice and sunny and mild.


I could easily take another month like this and only get snow mid-December. That would be awesome.

November 4th: a day off

I love my job. It's true. I look forward to going in to work when they call me in substitute teach at the high school. And I get a little stressed about the days when I'm not called in. Because, as much as I like being at home, I would rather be at work, earning money.

But a day off is something for which I can be thankful. Because it allows me to trust in God, that He will take care of our needs.

And, it allows me some time alone at home to catch up (so far today I've cleaned, baked two batches of cookies, picked my kids up for lunch and did some online shopping for Xmas/birthday gifts) And I really want to squeeze in some craft time, too.

And I also wanted to share a photo of my new patterned paper storage system:

I'm quite pleased with it. You can see more details on my post on the MSS blog here.

Thanks for looking!

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Jessica said...

Love it! I just love this Attitude of Gratitude thing. It's amazing all the little things we can find to be grateful for when we really just stop and think about it!! I love your photos too!