Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yorkton 2010

This past weekend, we drove to Yorkton for the Prairie Fire Taekwondo tournament. This was our second year competing there (first for Jonah & Sage).

A quick group picture before the tournament started. (Check out Jonah's tuque head!)

Sage, practising her pattern. Look at the focused expression on face-- love it!

Sage & Cameron.

Sage doing her pattern.

Austin doing his pattern. There were three rings set up for patterns. I had to run between Ring 1 & Ring 3 to take pictures of Sage & Austin, as they were competing at almost the exact same time! (That was my warm up! LOL!)

There was a bit of confusion with Sage's group for medals. She ended up getting third place (a bronze medal), but we're thinking she should have gotten the silver. Oh well.

Jonah also came in third place in his group.

The two bronze medal winners!

And we were so thrilled-- Austin won a silver medal for his patterns!

He was really pleased.

The three medal winners.

After the kids were done their patterns, the second batch was called-- it was my turn to compete.

I won first place in my group, taking home a gold medal. :)

With patterns completed, it was time for the sparring (a boys only thing this year for our family, as Sage & I both chose not to spar.)

I LOVE this photo of Jonah & Austin. Austin wanted to give Jonah a hug and some advice before Jonah's sparring match.

Another good photo!

Unfortunately, Jonah's sparring didn't go too well. He lost his first match and lost some of his confidence. Then in his second match, he hurt his knee and stopped sparring. So, he came in fourth place.

In this tournament, if there was four people in a group competing, they gave out two bronze medals, which was nice.

Austin did really well with the sparring. He won his first match 13 to 5, which was so great for him!

His second match didn't go as well, as he lost 15 to 0, which discouraged him a bit.

He pulled himself together and did really well during his third match. It was really close, but he lost 9 to 6.

So, he won a bronze medal, coming in third place.

We were all really proud of how well he did.

Attitude of Gratitude:

Friday, November 19th: Safety for our trip to Yorkton

Saturday, November 20th: That everyone did so well at the tournament (& no one got hurt)

Sunday, November 21st: For a safe trip home.

Monday, November 22nd: For a great phone conversation with a wonderful friend.

Thanks for looking!


Julie Overby said...

Wahoo!!! Congrats Leigh! That's fantastic! How fun that you all do so well. Really great photos too!

Can't imagine that you didn't get snow until just this past week. Glad you finally got some!

ellen s. said...

oh gosh that is so cool! wow, so impressive, WTG!