Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Note to self

Don't ever try to cut your kids' hair again. Ever.

It started when Austin wanted a buzz cut. I guess a few kids in his class have them and he wanted one, too. Personally, I'm not partial to them, but I figured, hey, it's just hair, so why not?

So, I borrowed my sister-in-law's trimmer and thought, how hard can this be?

Well, I found out.

It was extremely hard.

I did a horrible job. It was uneven, crooked and I don't even want to mention the butcher job I did around his ears!

I can't even bring myself to take a picture, it's that bad!

I made an emergency hair appointment for before school this morning. Here's hoping the hair dresser can fix it!


Heather M. said...

Eeks!!!!! I tried cutting my own hair once and it was a disaster - never again! I hope it was 'fixed' okay!

ScrapBookHim said...

Leigh, His hair was looking good on Sunday!

Heather said...

Oh no! I have been thinking about those buzzer things too. I do okay with siscors but not sure about the buzzer. Maybe I shouldn't now.