Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Trip to Calgary

I had such a great time in Calgary this past weekend!

I never go anywhere, especially by myself, so this was a huge experience for me (& a treat!)

My flight was uneventful, but exciting nonetheless. I was greeted at the airport by this beautiful woman, Cindy:

She is such a sweet, loving and generous person-- I am so blessed to have her as a friend!

We spent the whole weekend together and had a blast! Swimming with her family, trying Vietnemese food for the first time, shopping at Ikea, meeting my friend, Heather, in real life (who turned out to be just as wonderful in person as she has been in her emails to me!)

Don't we kind of look alike? I think she's the sister I always wanted!

I also enjoyed meeting some of Cindy's new friends at a bar-b-q Saturday night & hanging out with other friends from Morden on Sunday afternoon. (Cindy is blessed with lots of wonderful new friends in Alberta-- I'm so happy for her!)

We also enjoyed scrapbooking together on Saturday & Sunday nights. Although, I must confess, Cindy is much more of a night owl than I am! And, I'll never be able to hear the song "I'll fly away" again without thinking of her (she sang it all weekend long!)

So, I arrived home safely last night, to be reunited with my family, who were all pleased with the gifts I'd bought them! Thanks for your prayers-- I really appreciate them!


Anita said...

So cool that you got to meet Heather!!! What a treat! Great pictures too!

Heather M. said...

We do look alike! LOL! That's so cool! It was so awesome to meet you Leigh! You are just as wonderful as I thought you'd be too! HUGS!

Cindy said...

I am so glad you had a great time!! I did too! You are to kind to me! Thanks for your kind words! I too enjoyed meeting heather what a sweetheart! :)

Heather said...

WOW Heather could be your twin (or shall I say triplet). Awesome treat for sure to be away without the kids. Glad you had a blast.