Friday, May 26, 2006

Two blocks!

Okay, I went for my run this morning (yes, I'm actually still doing it!) and I was able to bump up to "run two blocks/walk one." I've tried this the last two times I've gone, but haven't been able to keep it up for the whole 2.5K.

But this morning (insert trumpet music here: Dum-da-da-dummm!) I did it for the whole distance.

It's cool to see my body actually getting better at this. I just know it's going to pay off in huge ways for me: feeling better about myself, increasing my endurance, helping me in baseball and hopefully, (my biggest reason) reaching my weight loss goal.

I've been kind of stuck lately with getting back on my eating program, but this morning, I'm resolved. To eat healthier, count calories (fun, fun!) and avoid sugar, white flour & deep-fried foods.

Gasp. Did I just write that down.

Hopefully, this will help me stick to it.

So if you see me eating anything I shouldn't, feel free to knock it right out of my hands!

*An update: I took Austin to the hairdressers and she beaned him. She set the clippers and cut off all of his hair the same length, so it's definitely the buzz he wanted! When she did it, I thought: "I could do that." But then I realized that, no, I guess I could not.


Crystal said...

Congratulations, Leigh!! Good for you to make the decision and carry it through. I wish we lived closer so I could come too!!

Heather M. said...

Good for you for keeping up the running!!!! I'm so proud of you, Leigh!
Do we get to see a pic of Austin's hair? I bet he looks so different!

Heather said...

Good for you Leigh!! Awesome that your keeping up with the running!!