Monday, November 27, 2006

Good day

Without a doubt, my favourite day of the week is Sunday.

We start with church in the morning, followed by R.O.X., which is one of my favourite hours of the week.

Sometimes, we invite others over for lunch. Other times, we just spend the day in a lazy way.

Yesterday, I invited my 13 year old friends, Carley and Annika over for lunch. We had pizza, pop and brownies. While Sage and Cameron slept, Austin and Jonah played computer and Carley, Annika and I made some Christmas tree ornaments out of patterned paper:

After the ornaments, we made Christmas tags. Then we had grilled cheese sandwiches and chips for supper (a healthy day, I know!)

After I took them home, Austin and I watched Amazing Race. I read and chatted on the phone with a friend until 10pm and then finished off my day watching Studio 60.

At church in the morning,Cameron fixed the boys' remote control truck. It got this cool picture of it. (I took it on the portrait setting on my camera.)

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