Sunday, April 29, 2007


Wow, with April wrapping up, I feel as if I can breathe a little easier.

I just reread a previous post about all of the things on my plate and it feels good to mentally check them off of my list.

Wedding invitations for Austin's teacher--check.

Trip to Mississauga--check.

Spril Carnival--check. (By the way, this was a great evening! We had almost 150 attend, with 100 of them being our own church kids and almost 50 being friends they invited to come. I had over 25 people volunteer to run booths, help set up, lead singing, do sound, make treat bags, run the large group games and take pictures.)

SSD-- check. (I got quite a few layouts done, but they're all for Design Team stuff for MSS, but they're all for May 1st, so I'll post them in a couple of days.)

So, now I've got only two bigger events that I need to plan: Austin's birthday on May 9th and the Run/Walk/Ride for the Congo on May 26th.

But I think I'll take a day off or two from thinking about this stuff and just enjoy a little breathing room...

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