Thursday, April 12, 2007

a full plate

I feel like I have a lot on my plate right now.

On top of the regular stuff (being a SAHM, design team stuff for MSS, teaching/organizing the large group stuff for R.O.X.), I've got a few things that need to be organized/created/taken care of.

#1: Austin's teacher at school is getting married and asked me to make her wedding invitations. I have the design okayed, the supplies purchased (except for the glue stick that I was suppose to pick up at MSS this afternoon, but forgot-- too many other goodies there distracted me! ;) ) and now I just need to print them out and put them together.

#2: My trip to Mississauga next weekend (next weekend??!). Wow, it's coming up fast. Not a lot I need to get ready, but just the thought of being away for 3 days overwhelms me a little.

#3: Our church's Spring Carnival on the 27th. I'm in charge of organizing the evening, so I need to find volunteers to man the activities and generally host the evening.

#4: MSS Super Scrap Day on the 28th. Totally looking forward to this, but need to get some stuff ready for it.

#5: Austin's birthday party in May. He doesn't want to go bowling again this year, so I suggested a type of Amazing Race theme with clues hidden around town and different "tasks" to perform in order to get the next clue and eventually find the "pit stop".

#6: A 5km walk/run/ride for the Congo scheduled for May 26th. A team from our church went to the Congo in February and came back and spoke about their experience. They shared how there are women there who've been abandonned by their husbands and, instead of turning to prostitution to feed their families, there's a sewing course that they can take. Then, they can "purchase" a sewing machine and pay for it as they get paid for the sewing they do. I'd like to raise money to purchase sewing machines for this program for these women. My friend, Darlene, and I walked out the route last night. I'm really excited about this.

#7: General get my house/yard ready for Spring stuff. Cameron suggested a work day for tomorrow (he and Austin have the day off-- no school!) and I'm quite excited to tackle some projects. Let's just hope Cam catches my enthusiasm. ;)

So lots on the go, but lots of good stuff.

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tammy said...

wow Leigh, that is a full plate! Good for you for taking all of that on.