Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Project 366, week 22

Okay, I had a slight panic this evening as I was uploading...

I couldn't find any pictures that I'd taken last Thursday. I thought, do I upload a picture from Friday? What should I do?

Figuring that uploading a photo from another day and lying about when I took it would be just wrong, I went looking again through my folders of photos, trying to figure out why I didn't take any photos on Thursday.

Well, apparently, I did.

I took over 100 photos. Thursday was Jonah's field trip to the miniature farm in Manitou. I'd already tucked those photos into their own folder.


Problem solved. And no cheating required. ;)

Here are my photos from the last week:

Tuesday, May 27th: We went to Darlene's for supper and some playtime in their yard. I got a lot of great pictures on their trampoline, but this one was my favourite.

Wednesday, May 28th: We had a friend from Jonah's class come over and play at our house for the afternoon. It went well, except, she kind of got passed from Sage to Jonah to play with. I'm not sure why they couldn't all play together... Anyway, there were some tears later, when Jonah informed Sage that he was going to marry this girl. Sage was crying when she said to me: "Jonah said he's not going to marry me!" Too cute. When I reminded her that Jonah was her brother and we don't marry our brothers, she said that she would marry her daddy instead. :)

Thursday, May 29th: A picture of Jonah on the field trip to the miniature farm in Manitou.

Friday, May 30th: We took the kids to the Maple Leaf playground after supper to fly the very cool kite that Austin got for his birthday. It looks like a scarlet macaw. There wasn't a lot of wind, so the kids did a lot of running (as did I, trying to get a good shot! ;) )

Saturday, May 31st: We drove to the Circle Square Ranch near Austin to attend a day of our church's retreat. The kids had a great day: playing games, trying the climbing wall, going on pony rides & hay rides and going on the trampoline... This photo of Sage, honestly, took my breath away.

Sunday, June 1st: We took the kids to Colert Beach to go fishing. Is this photo not adorable?

Monday, June 2nd: Jonah's baseball team, practising in their new jerseys. Jonah is #19.

Thanks for looking!

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Heather M. said...

Such great photos! I love the fishing one - so cute!