Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Project 366, week 24

Here are my photos of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, June 10th: Sage had fallen asleep on the couch in the afternoon (a very bad habit she's gotten into this past week-- then she's up until 10pm!) and I went to take her picture. Then Jonah suggested that I take his picture. Well, I won't turn down that offer!

Wednesday, June 11th: My friend, Lorie (a.k.a. Austin's best friend's mom) & I went to Winnipeg to go along with the boys on their field trip to the Manitoba Museum. We did a little shopping before lunch and stopped to eat at Joey's, where Lorie ordered these Californian Sushi Tacos.

Thursday, June 12th: Jonah's class went on a field trip to Dairy Queen. (I know, I am a total field trip junkie! ) They got a tour of the back of the restaurant and got to make their own ice cream cones. :)

Friday, June 13th: Two of my darlings, hanging out on the couch in the Hong Kong t-shirts my mom gave them.

Saturday, June 14th: We went to Salem to have supper with Cam's family. This is my SIL and her husband. We were celebrating Father's Day and their son's graduation from high school.

Sunday, June 15th: The Father's Day photo I got of my four favourite people. :)

Monday, June 16th: No school for the kids and it was nice out, so we headed to the park. This is Jonah riding on one of the bike trails.

Thanks for looking!


Heather M. said...

Great photos! I love the biking one!

Leah said...

Love your pics!