Monday, June 30, 2008

Project 366, week 26

Half-way through the year. Wow. I'm a little amazed that I've stuck with this so far, but very glad, too. :)

Here are my photos of the day from the last week:

Tuesday, June 24th: Sage buckled her friends, Dora the Explorer and Kitty the Carla, into the middle seat of our van.

Wednesday, June 25th: Jonah, at his last baseball game of the season.

Thursday, June 26th: Austin and his teacher on the second last day of school.

Friday, June 27th: My kids, plus Austin's best friend, Soren, on the last day of school. (I tried to get them all in the air-- very hard to orchestrate!)

Saturday, June 28th: Starting off the holidays right-- watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Sunday, June 29th: Celebrating my mom's birthday.

Monday, June 30th: Our first official trip to the beach this summer.

Thanks for looking & happy Canada Day!!


Layle said...

Hi Leigh! It's Layle from Scenic Route. Need to make sure I have the right Leigh. Have you submitted to our Monthly Product Challenges in the past? If so, I need your email - Pinecone Press saw one of your layouts on our website and would like to publish it. Please email me at


TheShermanFam said...

HA! Dora in her seatbelt made me LOL! TOO cute!

Raechelle said...

WOW! I just read what Layle wrote and that's SO COOL (I hope it's you!)!!!
Fun pics, I especially like the seatbelt pic. so sweet!

Heather M. said...

I just read what Layle wrote too! How awesome!!!

Love the one of Sage's stuffies in the seatbelt - too cute!

WTG on keeping up with this challenge!

Anne said...

WTG with keeping up with the photo a day. (maybe I'll be able to do it next year)
Love the buckled up Dora and Kitty, too cute.