Wednesday, August 13, 2008

436 phonebooks

As a fundraiser for CanSkate, we deliver phonebooks.

This is our third year doing this. The first year, we got a route in Winkler. The past two years, we've gotten a route in Morden (much more convenient!)

So, yesterday, before and after supper, we delivered 436 phonebooks.

We had a bit of extra help. Austin's friend, Ethan, came over to play in the afternoon and offered to help us. (I wasn't going to turn that down!)

The kids did so well!
I was able to drive the van and send them out with two to five books at a time. They were so great at going to the different houses and plugging away until it all got done. In total, it took us a little over three hours to finish.
And then, the rewards:

Slushies from Thornview Grocery. Yum.


Nicole said...

What a great idea for a fundraiser. Looks like the kids didn't mind so much. The reward was worth it!

Crystal said...

Lots of helpers make fund raising easier, don't they?!

WE were in the States last week and went to Cabela's for the first time ever. Oh, my!!! We did get some Christmas shopping done at very good prices :)) Your weekend looks like lots of fun for everyone. What a great family tradition.

david & michelle said...

thanks for the phone book ;) and happy birthday to you also leigh!!