Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confessions of a field trip junkie

Okay, I admit it....

I love going on field trips with my kids!

Yesterday, I got to go with Jonah's grade 2 class to Winnipeg to the Royal Canadian Mint and the Imax.

Here are a few pictures at the mint....

(I can't believe that I grew up less than 3 kilometres away from the mint and have never been there before!)

Then off to the Imax to watch Coral Reef Adventure.

Just a great day to spend time with one of my best guys!

Thanks for looking!


Kim said...

Awesome!!! I love going on field trips with my kids too...one of my fav's is the WSO at the Concert Hall in the spring! 20 different schools crammed into a park for the Winnipeg Music Folk Festival...not so much!
Glad you had such a great day with such a special little man!

Julie Overby said...

Hi Leigh! Looks like a fantastic field trip!! Makes me miss Canada!

Anonymous said...

You just made me want to go to Winnipeg...

oh and I'm a field trip junkie too, never turn one down.