Friday, January 21, 2011

My Congo Album, part 2

Continuing in showing the layouts I made for my Congo album. Click here for Part 1.

At the Bomoyi Ya Sika Orphanage. Bomoyi Ya Sika is Lingala for "Home of New Life."

An outdoor pub that we went to at the end of the day to cool off.

The scariest thing for me in the Congo was the cockroaches. They were huge! This guy was on my drapes in my room at the hostel and I couldn't go to sleep until Konrad and Dennis came and killed it! Shudder.

Our flight to Kikwit in back to back pages.

Our first stop in Kikwit was at Edgard's (the director of BTEDE) home. I was able to meet his wife and one of his sons.

The hostel where we stayed in Kikwit. I enjoyed it much better than M.P.H.

Some photos taken at BTEDE, which stands for Bureau Technique de Développement Endogènes , the organisation our church supports and the reason we went to the Congo.

Before I left for Congo, our Sunday school program (R.O.X.) raised money to buy soccer balls for the kids in the Congo. This is layout is about how I handed some out at the school in Kikwit.

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