Thursday, March 09, 2006


Okay, so I don't actually drink coffee (a friend at church asks me when I'm going to be a grown up and drink coffee!) but I love to go for coffee. With Jonah & Sage as my constant companions, I don't actually get to go to a restaurant for coffee very often. But on Sunday evening, after the kids were in bed and Cameron was settled on the couch, I did get to go out with a friend for coffee. One drawback of the town where we live: the restaurants close at 10pm! So, the waitress let us linger a little longer as she cleaned up. So nice to visit, have a few fries (shh!) and talk without constant interruptions.
Then, this morning after taking Austin to school, our team went to another friend's house for coffee. So, my coffee comes in the form of hot chocolate (sugar free, of course!), but that's okay. It was nice to sit on her couch, with the kids occupied with different toys than they find at our house, and catch up. The days just seem so busy and are flying by, it was nice to reconnect with a very good friend this morning.
And now, with Sage asleep and Jonah watching Dora (even Sage can say "doe-a"!), I'm hoping to get some Easter cards made this afternoon, before picking up Austin and his friend from school this afternoon.
Just an example of the not-so-exciting, but ever-so-content-with life I lead!


Anonymous said...

Glad to agree that the ever so content life isn't so bad...rather likeable actually! And I will get you drinking coffee one of these days!!!

Heather M. said...

Can we go for coffee when you're here?!?! I love going for coffee too! Your post made me smile, Leigh. You are amazing!
p.s. I finally posted Day 9! :)

Heather said...

Content life is great!! Awesome that you got out for coffee to chat with some freinds.