Monday, May 26, 2008

Five things

that I am loving right now.

#1. That both of my boys are playing baseball this year. I love going to their games and cheering them on. So great to see them trying their best, having fun and not getting caught up in the whole competition/who won, who lost thing.

#2. That we finally had some nice weather last week and I was able to get outside and clean up my perenials beds. I love that I planted perenials when we moved in-- now my garden is full and I don't have to spend any money at the greenhouse (except for the tomato plants that I want to put it this week.)

#3. My new runners that I bought a couple of weeks ago at the Running Room. They are so comfortable and my knee doesn't hurt anymore. Yay!

#4. The fact that I've been running and really enjoying it. I managed to go from running 3 blocks and walking one, to running 8 blocks and walking one (thanks to some older men that were walking ahead of me one morning. I was too embarassed to pass them and then start walking, so I passed them and kept running, surprising myself with how far I could get. )

#5. The fact that this girl isn't afraid of this dog anymore. The girl is my daughter, Sage. The dog is my SIL's, who lives at my MIL's farm. Up until this weekend, Sage was too afraid to be outside if Coco wasn't tied up. But then, when we were staining the house on Saturday, suddenly, they'd become friends. A good thing.


Heather M. said...

What a great list! So awesome that Sage and the dog are friends now!

Heather said...

Baseball is lots of fun!

Awesome news on the running. I have been running too and the shoes have really made a big difference for me too. I used to be able to run about 2-3 km without having to stop but with baby on the way no motiviation to go.

Awesome news that Sage is better with the dog.