Friday, May 30, 2008

Kindergarten field trip #2

Yesterday, I got to go along with Jonah's class to Grandma's miniature farm in Manitou. The 35 minute ride there went by really quickly, as we (the parent volunteers) were asked to fill out questionnaires for the kids to be put in their files as a time capsule, to be opened when they graduate from high school. (Love this idea!)

Some of the answers made me smile-- like the little boy who told me that when he's older, he's going to be a rock star. And Jonah's answer to the best thing about him: his friends. :)

At the farm, we got a little lesson on life back in Grandma's grandma's day-- so glad I didn't live then! SO much work!!

Then a tour of her farm animals. I was impressed with the variety of animals she had-- some were quite exotic, coming from Asia and South America.

Jonah loved petting the animals-- he's my little farm boy for sure.

This is a chinchilla. She put a container of dust in its cage and it rolled around in it to clean itself.

Jonah fell in love with these goats. He named the little one on the left "Eater" and the one on the right "Chomper" and loved feeding them grass.

These goats, he named "Furry" & "Skinny."

Another picture of Eater.

A baby turkey.

Some baby ducks that were a day old.

When the tour was done and the kids could play, Jonah went back and fed Eater and Chomper for a long time. I love that he had such a great time and enjoyed himself so much. It was so wonderful to get to go along and experience that with him. :)

And then the icing on the cake, was this...

I kept trying to take a picture of him. "Come on, Jonah. Smile. Please? Just look at the camera and smile, please?"

Him: "Not until you say the magic word."

Me: "I said please."

Him: "No, the magic word is "eater"."

Me: "Eater."

And I got this:


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eva said...

Great photos, Leigh! Can't wait to see what you create with them! Do I see a mini book in your future? ;)