Monday, May 05, 2008

Project 366, week 18

Here are my photos for the past week:

Tuesday, April 29th: Austin playing with our new computer. :)

Wednesday, April 30th: Jonah's class had their assembly. Jonah was so looking forward to it, counting down the days and everything. His teacher made it a big deal (with ice cream afterwards to celebrate what a great job they did!) Jonah was pretty proud to get to hold up one of the number cards. "Mom, my number is four and my name is on the back!" Too cute!

Thursday, May 1st: My oldest in the sunshine. Love that smile!

Friday, May 2nd: Another picture from the Math Olympics.

Saturday, May 3rd: Jonah, before leaving for a friend's birthday. Another countdown day. Good days to have.

Sunday, May 4th: Playing Dora Yum before bed.

Monday, May 5th: Doing homework.

Sorry that my pictures aren't more exciting. I'm hoping that the weather will warm up soon and we'll be able to spend more time outside.

Thanks for looking!


Oswald said...

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Heather M. said...

I love your photos! I think they are awesome - they will be so great to have in the future - everyday life photos! I love them!

Anne said...

As a mom, those are 'exciting' photos.
I'm already waiting for the end of the year to see what you'll do with all 366 photos.