Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Project 366, week 21

Here are my photos for the past week:

Tuesday, May 20th: Sage, working hard on her craft at Stay & Play.

Wednesday, May 21st: A photo from Jonah's trip to the museum.

Thursday, May 22nd: I love how a cardboard box can bring so much pleasure. :)

Friday: May 23rd: A stray tree that I found among my rose bushes. It was blooming with such pretty flowers that I decided to let it stay. (Its friend, who was not in as good of a location, however, did not meet a such a fortunate fate. It became a bouquet on my diningroom table & is presently featured in my header.) ;)

Saturday, May 24th: My nephew, Luke, and Austin, taking a break from staining my MIL's house with a game of baseball. I love that I got the ball smack dab in the middle of them!

Sunday, May 25th: The only picture I took all day was of my layout. But since I spent most of the afternoon scrapbooking, I think it's fitting.

Monday, May 26th: Jonah and Cameron playing catch together to warm up before Jonah's baseball game.

Thanks for looking!


eva said...

These look great, Leigh! I love how they give a nice summary of your week. Actually, you've almost inspired me to start doing this myself..but I haven't yet. Maybe the commitment thing is scaring me? lol.

Heather M. said...

Oooh, I just LOVE that photo of your guys playing baseball in front of the barn - it is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Really like the top one of Sage and the baseball pic. SusanR

Lisa said...

I love the idea of project 365. I don't know why I hesistate to start...

I love the picture of the hut. It brought back a fond memory of a quonset hut my father in the back yard of the house he grew up in. When we were small, he would set us on top and we thought we were at the top of the world...