Thursday, March 03, 2011

Five for Friday

1. I'm so glad it's March! Sure, it's still really, really cold out, but hey, March means Spring is on the way, right? Right?

2. I worked every day this week. Great for the paycheque, but a little crazy for trying to get everything done. I'm so glad we have a three day weekend this weekend!

3. My iPod touch died. Last weekend I charged it, but when I went to unplug it, there was a strange rubber smell and it wouldn't turn on no matter what I did. To make matters worse, Cameron & I watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to change the battery. A few minutes later I heard: "That's not good." I guess he figured he'd open it up-- and ended up cracking the glass on the front. :(

It's not like it's vital that I replace it. I don't NEED an iPod touch. But it sure was handy.

4. It's Friday, which means that I posted a sketch today on the MSS blog for my Winter sketches. Only a couple left--- see, Spring is on the way! ;)

Here the layout I made using a March Page Maps sketch:

5. And MSS is hosting its monthly online crop this weekend. Click here to check out the challenges-- they're fabulous (as usual!) and guaranteed to get your mojo going. I promise.

Here are the challenges that I've posted (& the accompanying layouts):

a. Use four or more photos on your layout.

b. Use one (or more) sheet(s) of diecut patterned paper on your layout, but you cannot use a full sheet. (This one was really hard for me-- I have a hard time cutting up those beautiful sheets!)

c. Add something to your layout that you want to save forever.

For Valentine's Day, Sage had written me this poem at school (so sweet!) So of course, I want to save it for always. But the original was 8.5x11 and pretty crumpled, so I resized it smaller and printed it on to white cardstock.

Thanks for looking!


Kim said...

Luv the new layouts Leigh!

You're such a great Mom!


Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, Leigh, I just LOVE your pages! Every single one. You have such an amazing style. Cannot say enough about them!!
Sorry about your phone, though. Major bummer.