Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Things I'm loving....

My job. I enjoy my job. This is huge. And very good, indeed.

Second (& third & fourth...) chances.

Ever so gentle reminders from my kids that I need to be living out what I'm trying to teach them.

My new calendar that Cameron bought for me at the dollar store. It fits in my purse and doesn't make me feel as lost as I did immediately after my iPod touch broke.

That last week, when I was working, I was off earlier than usual before lunch, so I decided to go downstairs and see if I could catch Austin in the cafeteria (his school shares the cafeteria with the high school, but his school eats first.) Not only did he let me buy him a pizza bun, but when I had bought my lunch and was going to take it to the staff room to eat it, he waved me down and said: "Mom, eat here!" So, I ate lunch with my 11 year old in the cafeteria. And it was wonderful.
Hmmmm, wonder if he'll want to eat with me all the time when he's in grade 9.... ;)

Learning new things.

Opportunities for growth.

Connecting with friends.

Playtime in my scraproom.

My precious children.

That spring is coming. (Oh, please, let it be so!)

Sunday morning church services.

How much my kids enjoy R.O.X. & want me to be a part of it.

Listening to my boys play the piano.

When the kids go to bed nicely.

The sound of silence.

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Elizabeth said...

I love your list today!!!! What a great reminder of some of those same things in my life!
Hoping that you are great today!