Friday, March 25, 2011

Five for Friday

1. I'm very excited that tomorrow is the beginning of Spring Break! Soooo looking forward to a week off with the kids. We have a couple of things planned (including an overnight at my mom's) but I'm just looking forward to hanging out at home, too. I think going back to work has made me even more of a homebody! Ha!

2. The kids will be participating in the Morden Festival of the Arts next month. The boys are playing piano and all three are performing poems (in French & English) for the Speech Arts. We've started practising the poems, but will definitely be focusing on that more over Spring Break.

3. I got to do some refereeing at taekwondo this week. I like it (much more than acutally sparring!) The biggest challenge for me right now if remembering all the words in Korean that I'm suppose to say.

4. Jonah & Sage have had spirit week this week, which has meant dressing up each day to go to school. On Monday, it was pyjama day (always a hit!) On Tuesday, black & white day. Wednesday was beach day-- Jonah was thrilled to wear his shark swimming trunks & shark tooth necklace; Sage looked so cool in white capris and a purple floral tank-- (I sooooo can't wait for summer!) Yesterday was cowboy/cowgirl day and the kids wore the costumes my mom made for my brother and I when we were little (I love this!) And today is sports/hat day.

5. While I haven't done much scrapbooking this week, I do have a layout to share that I made on the weekend. I used a sketch from Davinie Fiero's blog & some Crate Paper goodies.

Thanks for looking!
Enjoy your weekend!


Elizabeth said...

Love your layout Leigh!! You have a handsome hubby! :)
That's cool that you ref, I didn't know they had ref's!
So your on spring break huh? We are at the end of this month into April. Although its not going to be much of a spring break for us, as both D&I will be working. I have a few things that A&I will be doing together though, fun stuff!!!
Hoping that your weekend is great!

Julie Overby said...

Love it Leigh!! Did your hubby just turn 40? Mine is about to. Hard to believe! LOL

Audrey Pettit said...

Oooh, lucky you on spring break! We still have several weeks until ours, and we could sure use the break.
What a fabulous layout this is! Awesome photos and I love the arrangement and design.