Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something new...

Last Saturday, my kids got to participate in a jam-can curling competition through our local schools. Austin had curled in this tournament years ago (grade 2 maybe?? Hmmm, will have to go and check the scrapbooks. Ha!) but this was the first time for Jonah & Sage.

Jonah is wearing a blue jacket with the hood up and Sage is in all pink with a Gap hoodie. They were on separate teams but played at the same time, thankfully!

Austin hadn't signed up to play, but when we returned for the second game, another team was missing their skip, so Austin filled in for two games (& their team ended up coming in third place!)

When I went out on the ice to take some pictures of Austin, Sage asked me to take some of her, too. She was done playing, but she posed for me in these shots. What a sweetheart!

Thanks for looking!

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Elizabeth said...

Leigh I love curling! It's one event we always watch during the Olympics! How fun that your kids participated in that! You took some really great photos of them as well!!!!

Hoping that your week has been a really great one! Happy Thursday!