Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Project 366, week 10

Wow, ten weeks already! Here are the photos that I've taken every day for the last week:

Tuesday, March 4: Austin stays at school for lunch on Tuesdays because he participates in noon hour voluntary choir. So I usually bring him a lunch when I pick up Jonah. Austin's favourite: grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wednesday, March 5: On Wednesday afternoons for five weeks, I've been volunteering in Austin's class after lunch. My mother-in-law came to our house to watch Jonah and Sage so I could go.

Thursday, March 6: Sage and Jonah watching the skaters during the CanSkate wrap-up.

Friday, March 7: I love that Sage is still "baby" enough to fall asleep in the van sometimes.

Saturday, March 8: bath time.

Sunday, March 9: Austin playing "Seek Ye First" at the sacred evening for the Morden Festival of the Arts. He did so well-- I was very proud of him!

Monday, March 10: Jonah presenting the mini-hockey stick that I bought him last week. It's a San Jose Sharks one and Jonah discovered that all of the letters of his first name are on it (so cute!)

Any favourites?


Heather M. said...

Great photos! Now I'm craving grilled cheese - YUM!

Leah said...

I love your pics! I'm suddenly hungry for grilled cheese too!

Heather said...

Just love that your getting to capture life not just the birthdays and special outings. The grilled cheese does look good.

thot said...

Nice photos. (but I don't understand all the words that you write :)
Greetings from Spain.