Friday, May 02, 2008


I heard this term for the first time on Shutter Sisters today.

According to flickr it can be defined as "two photos that fit better together than they did apart. A mini story in two frames, an association, siblings, parent & child, different perspectives on the same theme, anything that works well as a team of two."

I smiled when I saw this. Though the word was new to me, the concept was not. This would explain why the majority of my scrapbooking layouts have two pictures-- two sometimes works better than one to tell the story.

The following two pictures are a perfect example of this:

It was the Math Olympics at Austin & Jonah's school today, and since parents were invited, Sage & I decided to join in on the fun. (They put siblings together in groups for this purpose-- wasn't that nice of them?)

So, I took these two photos, which I think work well together-- especially because, together, all three kids are looking at the camera and smiling. See, a diptych.

Here are some more photos from the morning:

It's so cool watching Jonah write and soak things up in school.

In one of the math activities, the students had to come up with actions to olympic sports to make a pattern. Here they are performing it at the front of the class. (For the full effect, imagine the song from the opening ceremonies playing. ;) )



(& archery)

Such a fun opportunity to do something with all three of my kids, together.

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