Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project 366, week 36

Tuesday, Sept 2: Jonah picked out these rhino runners when we were in Grand Forks. So our challenge was to teach him how to tie laces before school started.

Wednesday, Sept 3: First day of school for the boys. Sage is staying at home for another year with me. :)

Thursday, Sept 4th: Sage climbed onto the counter at the library while we were checking out our books.

Friday, Sept 5th: I actually didn't take a picture today!!!!!!
I made it this far and missed a day! I can't believe it!!!
I had friends over in the evening to scrapbook and I thought, I'll take a picture of them when they come. Well, as I'm climbing into bed at 12:36am, I realized that I'd forgotten!
I'm so disappointed. :(
So, rather than having a space blank in the calendar-type pages I'm making with these photos, I took a picture of this layout, which I made on Friday during our online crop at MSS.

Saturday, Sept 6th: Sage, on our couch in the living room.

Sunday, Sept 7th: We had our R.O.X. kick-off (our Sunday school program for grades 1 to 6 is called Radical Over Christ, with the X being Christ) at the park. Wes, our awesome sound guy, brought all the equipment to the park, which was really cool. AND it didn't rain. :)

Monday, Sept. 8th: I took some photos of Sage in our dining room and this was my absolute favourite!

Thanks for looking!


Danielle said...

These are really cute, that's a great idea to take one photo each day! I love that!

maria W said...

love all the photos :)

MeganK said...

those photos are too cute. Sage is adorable!

Michelle StClair said...

The so long summer layout is so so perfect!!!!!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Such beautiful pictures ! My left handed 8 yr old finally learned to tie his shoes. We struggled and struggled with it and than one morning he woke up and did it all on his own. Phew I was worried he would be an adult and always on the look out for velcro shoes :' 0

Leah said...

Love your pictures!

Julie O. said...

I love the R.O.X kick off idea! That's awesome!!

Cuteness photo of Sage!!

Heather said...

WOW that one at the end of the Sage is really fabulous!!

Congrats on the CK published page. I just got mine yesterday and I had to do a double take.