Monday, September 15, 2008

Project 366, week 37

Another week has flown by! The days almost seem to go by faster with the boys back in school!

Here are my photos of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, Sept. 9th: Stay & Play started up again. Here is Sage, enjoying making the craft (she's such a focused little artist!) It's a school bus. We couldn't take it home because it was so wet, so she's been playing a guessing game with Cameron with clues to see if he can figure out what she made! So cute!

Wednesday, Sept. 10th: After we dropped the boys off at school after lunch, I asked Sage what she wanted to do. "Play the Dora chutes and ladders game with the treasure!"

Thursday, Sept. 11th: Taken from my van after dropping the boys off at school.

Friday, Sept. 12th: The butterfly invitations Sage & I made for her birthday.

Saturday, Sept. 13th: A layout that I made on Saturday.

Sunday, Sept. 14th: Our church hosted an Amazing Race event for families in the afternoon. One event required us to follow the paths of Livingstone Park and play a round of Jenga with two people, while only using one index finger each. I snapped this photo of Sage while we waited for our turn.

Monday, Sept. 15th: Jonah (centre, white socks) at his soccer game.

Any favourites?


Laurence said...

bien sur ! l'avant dernière photo est fabuleuse, j'aime l'expression de Sage ! Et bravo pour l'exposition dans la vitrine !

Heather M. said...

:) great photos! those invitations look awesome!
love the layout and my fav. photo is the one of Sage waiting - so cute! her brown eyes are just gorgeous!

Danielle said...

super cute pics!!! love the soccer one! I just adore that layout!!!!

Leslie Ashe said...

I love all your photo's!!!!
Sage is just adorable! :)
Your layout - is - WOW!!!

Thank you Leigh for your sweet words on my blog!