Tuesday, November 02, 2010

An attitude of gratitude

I noticed on my friend, Jessi's blog, that she is posting something everyday for the month of November, focusing on gratitude. So 30 things for which she is thankful. I love this idea and think it would translate well into a a layout (or mini-book) or addition to my "thankful album" that I started several years ago.

So, I think I'll be a copycat and do the same thing: post something for which I'm thankful every day for the month of November. However, I don't think I'll stress myself about having to post every day, so if I miss a day, I can post two or three things in one post.

Here we go...

November 1st: My caring girl.

Sage is so good at loving me & caring for me. She tells me daily that she loves me, that I'm the best mom or that I'm her best friend. And if this wasn't enough, almost daily, I receive a note or picture from her telling me one or more of the above.

And she is so helpful. I started taking vitamins this summer and she is the one who fills my compartments with such precision each week.

November 2nd: That we don't have any overdue books at the library.

(This is a little unheard of for us and I couldn't help rejoicing over this news this afternoon when Bonnie, our librarian, informed us of this.)

For what are you grateful today?


Michelle said...

What am I grateful for?? My family that my husband and I created. Without them, I would have nothing. I don't come from such a great family and it isn't much better on my husband's side... so I am so utterly grateful for them!!! They mean the world to me.

Danielle Calhoun said...

That is a fun idea! :)

xoxo... t said...

This is a great idea!

Julie Overby said...

Oh my gosh...you bust me up!! No overdue books is DEFINITELY something to be grateful for! LOL Your daughter is such a sweet gift. I love that that she takes time in this caring act to get your vit.s ready. what a total doll.

**I'm grateful for you!**