Thursday, November 11, 2010


That's what I'm thankful for today: peace.

Peace in our country. Peace in our community. Peace (for the time being) in our home.

And more that that, for the peace that passes understanding that resides in me as I follow & trust in God. Amazing.

The no-worries, God will take care of things peace.

And for yesterday...

November 10th: veterans

I have such a sense of pride and thankfulness for our country all the time. But it seems magnified when Remembrance Day comes around.

I attended the Remembrance Day assembly at the high school yesterday and was almost brought to tears. Not during the speech that Mr. Butler made, although it was very good and educational (I never before knew why a ship's wheel and bell were displayed in our civic centre.)

No, it was when Darren Hoochuk, a grad from last year, stood in the middle of the gymnasium in his armed forces uniform. And Mr. Butler named him, along with other past grads who serve in our military (including C.J. Thiessen from our church, who is being deployed to Afghanistan later this month) and asked everyone to applaud in recognizing them.


Which of course means also remembering those who served and gave their lives for the priviledges & freedom we enjoy.

So very, very thankful.

I don't have pictures to go along with these two days, but I thought I'd share a layout I made this summer, with a photo taken at the Assiniboine Zoo:

I posted it, along with two challenges at MSS today for our long-weekend online crop. If you'd like to check out the challenges I posted (& more!) click here.

Have a great weekend!

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