Sunday, November 14, 2010


....from our taekwondo promotion test on Friday evening. (Photos courtesy of Cameron.)

Warming up and catching up with my friend, Evelyn from the Carman club.

After a warm up and introduction of the testing committee, the group of highest ranking belts was called up. This was my group, along with 4 others, including Austin's best friend, Soren. The first time we went up, we were assigned kicks and patterns.

Then Sage's group was called up. (Isn't she adorable?)
Here, she's doing one of her patterns.

And doing some non-contact sparring.

And stretching. Again, adorable.

Cameron took this one of Elliot, myself, Beth & Evelyn sitting on the floor in between our testing times. Not sure why I like it, but I do.

More groups of white belts. (We have lots of white belts testing in the fall.)
Jonah doing one of his patterns.
He was such a leader in his group-- he made me very proud!

The second time my group was called up, we were asked to kick targets.
This was my turn roundhouse....

... followed by a back spin kick.

Then a shuffle back with two roundhouses.

(After my test, I asked Cameron how I looked, when I tested. He replied: "Scary." Looking at these pictures, I can see why!)

Jonah & Sage cuddling while they watched the test.

After all of the white belts & yellow belts were done, they called up Austin's group.
Here he is sparring (or just about to start, from the looks of it.)

And Austin doing his pattern. He did so great at his patterns-- I was very proud!

Each group was assigned knuckle push-ups. For the white belts, they were given between 1 to 6, I think, depending on their age. As the belt levels go up, so do the number of knuckle push-ups. The yellow & green belts testing in Austin's group got I think 15. The blue belts/red stripes were given 100!

I was so proud of Austin (& the rest of his group) how they just said: "Yes, sir!" and started doing them. What great determination and effort! (The testing committee stopped them around 30 or so, but I was really impressed!)

The third (& final time) my group was called up, we were assigned to break two boards consecutively. I chose to break mine with a back spin kick and then a reverse knife hand. Unfortunately, the photos Cameron took were blurry. But I broke them, so I was very happy! (It is such a rush!)

Austin's best friend, Soren, setting up to break a board at the test.

Soren breaking his board with a step behind side kick.

After the board breaking, we were asked to perform our test pattern for the testing committee. Then we were given 20 knuckle push ups to do. And that was it!

At the end of the test, they present three awards to the students. One is "improved". Another is "most improved." And the third is "Best Manner."

My friend, Beth, was given the award for Best Manner (the highest award presented at the test!)

Beth, her husband Greg (a 3rd degree black belt) & their son, Cordell.

Beth & me. I've so enjoyed training with Beth. She's such a great person!

Sage & me. So proud of how hard she tries in class.

And for my attitude of gratitude...

November 13th: our promotion test

That everyone did well. That Beth won an award. That we could go out afterwards to DQ to celebrate. Just a great night all around.

November 14th: that the new pair of wool pants I threw in the washer and dryer (oops!) came out fine.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

So proud of the Morden Club doing so well at all the tests and competition and just the size of the club and participation. Donna Mayert

Kim said...

Love all your pics Leigh! It looks like nobody's gonna mess with your family - ever! hahaha....congratulations on a fun and successful day to you all...AND....did you get your black stripe afterall??
Keep up all the great work Penner family!