Saturday, February 09, 2008

35 things...

On Ali Edwards' Weekend Creative last week, she challenged us to come up with a list of things that we did in 2007. I've included my list, realizing that a LOT of what I do revolves around my kids-- and that's not a bad thing.

1. Attended a weekly playgroup

2. Went to the Festival du Voyageur with Lorie & the grade two class

3. Participated in the Morden 125 Photography Challenge

4. Cheered on my boys at their skating carnival, baseball, swimming lessons & soccer

5. Organized a Spring Carnival for my church

6. Flew to Mississauga, Ontario to attend a Willow Creek conference.

7. Started blessing my kids every night

8. Decorated Easter eggs

9. Planned an Amazing Race theme birthday party for Austin

10. Purchased a new couch and loveseat

11. When shopping in Winnipeg with Val

12. Redecorated the living room

13. Organized a 5km walk/run/ride for the Congo

14. Was on the front page of the Morden Times (for our block party)

15. Went to the Thresherman’s Museum for the first time

16. Went to the zoo with Anita and two of her kids

17. Went strawberry picking

18. Spoke at the Winkler Bible Camp during evening chapel

19. Played slow pitch

20. Ran in the mornings before Cameron went to work

21. Spent many days at the beach

22. Went to a Goldeye’s game in Winnipeg

23. Took a mini-holiday to Grand Forks with the Wirths

24. Turned 35

25. Was on You-Tube

26. Volunteered in my boys’ classes

27. Attended Shake, Rattle & Roll with Sage

28. Painted the church basement

29. Attended two MSS Super Scrap Days & one MSS class

30. Won Scenic Route’s Monthly contest four months in a row

31. Painted my kitchen and hallway

32. Read lots of books

33. Went shopping in Grand Forks with Val & Pam

34. Scrapbooked
35. Went on a movie matinee date with Austin


Laurence said...

I totally recognize Ali's style in your designs, it's beautiful and I add a link to your blog tout de suite !

Crystal said...

I love your list! And I'm totally impressed that you have all of that scrapped already - wow!! Congratulations!

Quick question for you - are you related to Dustin Penner, the hockey player? We heard him interviewed on Hockey Day in Canada. I'm just curious :))

Heather said...

WOW that is cool to write a list out like that. I should do that too just to make sure I'm not missing things in my books.

Shaquanna said...

I'm just checking this out now, so you may not see it, but I just wanted to say that I too LOVE how you have many of your pages SCRAPPED of the things you listed. I think this is a GREAT idea, and VERY inspiring!