Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Project 366, week 6

Here are my photos of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, February 5th: Trying for a good foot shot of Sage.

Wednesday, February 6th: Shopping at the Coop (5% off day)

Thursday, February 7th: Took the photo for my blog banner.

Friday, February 8th: Scrapbooking at my church with friends. I actually took this photo of my friend, Susan, with her camera, which she drove home to get for me when I remembered that I hadn't taken a photo that day and had forgotten my camera. Such a great friend! :)

Saturday, February 9th: Cameron & Sage playing the kazoo together.

Sunday, February 10th: our annual library fundraiser at church.

Monday, February 11th: my uber-snuggly Sage-a-roo.

Which one is your favourite?


Laurence said...

I like the last one the best, but the first one makes me lol... MDR stands for LOL, mort de rire !

Leah said...

The last one is my favorite too! Sage looks so cuddly and soft looking!

Liz said...

I like the foot and kazoo pics the best, but they're all great!