Saturday, February 02, 2008

And a few more...

So, I'm still waiting on the journaling (from Cameron) to finish another layout with the February post (see following post.) I'm glad he didn't just write it off without putting any thought into it, but we're going on two weeks... Which is really funny, because since I've asked him to write the journaling for one of my layouts, I've noticed that when he asked me to do something for him, he expects it done right away. Huh. Interesting. ;)

So, before I got the February kit, I had bought two sheets of Scenic Route patterned paper, because it was just so very cute. One of the sheets came in the kit and it used it on a few layouts. Now, I was staring at the extra sheet I bought and debating on which side I should use, when I realized that I could use both sides at once. So here are the back to back layouts that I made with it:

And with the end of January, I thought that I should figure out what I wanted to do with the pictures that I'd taken every day for Project 366. I knew from the beginning that I would want to print them out, but the question was how. In collages in Picasa? A mini-book?

I was inspired by my friend Heather M. and the photo-a-day blog that she started for Project 366. Half of the screen is the "photo of the day" and the other half is a calendar for the month, with a photo in each square. I liked the look of calendar so much that I made this:

I'm going to have it printed as an 8x10 and then make one for each month and store them in an 8.5x11 binder.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Eva said...

Good stuff, Leigh! Really like what you're doing with your photo a day.

Heather M. said...

Too funny! That's totally what I want to do with my photo-a-day photos! It looks so awesome!

Crystal said...

I love that idea! I think I'll have to 'lift' it from you too. It's been great catching up with you again :)) I like your LENT journal - that's such a cool thing to do. Have a happy day!

Heather said...

WOW that looks awesome. Great job. Maybe next year I'll have to do it too.