Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Congo Album, part 3

More layouts I made for my Congo album. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

We met a boy on the road walking a monkey on a leash. Ken talked me into holding him, saying that my kids would get a kick out it.

A layout about our interesting (and not always reliable) method of transportation in Kikwit.

A 2 page layout detailing our visit to the first of BTEDE's experimental farms.

Some photos I took in and around Kikwit. There was much less worry here about taking photographs, but we still put our cameras out of sight when we came to check points or saw soldiers/officers in the area.

I did a number of layouts about our experience at BTEDE's 2nd experimental farm. This one was in the rainforest.

I wanted to display the photos I'd taken of the beautiful children of the Congo...

... and of the beautiful flora there, too. The WRMK 9 pocket sleeves were perfect for this.

On the way back to Kikwit, we stopped for one of the team members to buy a phone card. While we were waiting, a vendor approached our truck to sell his wares. Talk about convenience! Who needs a drive-thru or internet ordering when you can get the vendors right up to your vehicle and buy without getting out? ;)

Thanks for looking!


Elizabeth said...

Leigh I have to tell you that your photos are fab! I am amazed at the wonderfulness of your album because the photos are simply the coolest! I love it when you go on a trip like this and are able to take photos like you have been!

Tanya said...

I love your album Leigh, love how you kept is so simple and a great mix of LO's with multiple photo protectors. Great job, thanks for sharing

Mel said...

Fantastic album Leigh! Your photos are amazing:)

Crystal said...

I love your album, Leigh!! It's so simple and so complete and so amazing. Thanks for sharing it - and the details of your amazing trip. You've inspired me (you do it every time!) and given me ideas of how I can SB some of our world travels. Thanks muchly!