Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Congo Album, part 4

Here's more of my Congo album. You can click on the links to see Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3.

I loved the colourful doors and details on the windows in Kikwit. These photos were taken at BTEDE and at our hostel.

I was totally fascinated by how the Congolese men, women & children carried things on their heads-- so amazing!

The next few layouts detail our experience at the Kikwit MB church...

... how I participated in the offering "dance", much to the delight of the congregation!

... and handing out more soccer balls from our Sunday school to theirs.

Some layouts detailing the food we experienced there...

... and some of the friends we made.

On our last evening in Kikwit, we took the BTEDE team out for supper along the Kwilu River.

On the Tuesday, back in Kinshasa, we drove to see another farm. Probably my worst day there. We travelled in the back of a closed in truck, but the seats were two benches that faced in. I think travelling at this angle, plus the heat made me feel carsick. However, the day was "saved" by the discovery of a Nando's in Kinshasa! For an hour or so, it felt like we were back in North America-- air conditionning, ice cold cokes, a pita stuffed with chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers and fries! Yum!

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