Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Project 366, week 17

Here are my photos for April 22 to 28th:

Tuesday, April 22nd: Sage, playing with the water station at Stay & Play.

Wednesday, April 23rd: Sage, reading at the library, while she waited for the stories to start. Love those braids!

Thursday, April 24th: We saw this little guy taking shelter from the storm on our neighbour's shed. I took this one through my boys' bedroom window.

Friday, April 25th: Sage following Jonah and his classmates to the library. Doesn't she blend in well? ;)

Saturday, April 27th: Sage, helping me bake cookie dough. I like the reflection I caught in the stainless steel bowl.

Sunday, April 27th: Sage, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk in front of our house.

(Okay, now that I've uploaded these photos, I realize that I'm a little heavy on photos of Sage this week. Good thing that Monday's photo is of Jonah!)

Monday, April 28th: Jonah, displaying the adorable frog puppet that he made at school. I love this one-- it's my favourite for the week.

Which one do you like best?

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Heather M. said...

Awesome photos, Leigh! I think my fav is the top of one Sage playing in the water - it reminds me of Helayna and her love for water. :)
So good to see you posting your great work at the Patch! :) I've thoroughly enjoyed everything you've created!